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Murrays in Manor Parish


William Murray in Glenrath

William MURRAY was born about 23 May 1733.  He was a son of James MURRAY and Barbara SIMPSON.  William became a tenant in Glenrath in 1758 when his father obtained a lease for the property.  Glenrath sits along side Manor Water in the shadow of Glenrath Heights in the Manor Parish of Peeblesshire.  "On all sides of Glenrath the hills rise abruptly, are high and steep, bare and storm-gashed.  Scree abounds with bracken and heather and grey-lichened stells, and the burn, after tumbling and brawling through rocky clefts, wriggles like a cobra along the floor of the glen, upon which converge no fewer than nine hill ridges."  (From TWEEDDALE, by Will Grant, 1948).

Nether Horsburgh
Nether Horsburgh, Innerleithen

William MURRAY aggressively sought other properties and obtained a lease to portions of Hundleshope in 1760.  By 1763, William was also known to be a tenant in Nether Horsburgh.  Nether Horsburgh is located on the north side of the A72 about half way between Peebles and Innerleithen.  The photograph of Nether Horsburgh (at right) was taken by Peter GILL and appears here with his special permission.  (Click on photo for larger image)

On 24 July 1762, William MURRAY, tenant in Glenrath married Christian LAIDLAW.  Christian was born in December of 1735 and was the daughter of William LAIDLAW, tenant in Blackhouse, and Mary SIMPSON.

William MURRAY died on 24 July 1786 at Nether Horsburgh.  William Dalgleish, merchant in Peebles and husband of Euphemia LAIDLAW (Christian's sister) was appointed curator to the surviving young MURRAY daughters.

Children of William MURRAY and Christian LAIDLAW:

i.  James MURRAY, born about 1 October 1764 at Glenrath and died on 05 March 1778 at Nether Horsburgh.

ii.  William MURRAY, born about 25 March 1766 at Glenrath.

iii.  Mary MURRAY, born about 24 December 1767 at Glenrath.

iv.  Barbara MURRAY, born about 03 January 1770 at Glenrath.

v.  Margaret MURRAY, born about 31 July 1772 at Glenrath.