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Murray of Schillinglaw


William Murray of Schillinglaw

Location of Schillinglaw
Location of Schillinglaw
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William MURRAY, of Schillinglaw (or Schelilaw), was born some years before 1492.  He was a son of Alexander MURRAY and Gelis COCKBURN

William Murray, of Schilinglaw (which means "summer pasture by or on the hill"), had a charter of Earlisorchard on 4 January 1508-9 that was then confirmed on 27 February 1508-9.  William Murray, of Schillinglaw, died before 1548-9.

William Murray of Schillinglaw had at least the following two children:

i.  William Murray, born before 1501.

ii.  Alexander Murray, born around 1501.

(Credit for the research on this page goes to Irene THOROGOOD.)