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Murray of Stanhope

What's New

December 2010

George Siddons MURRAY, Master Mariner.

November 2010

Hamilton GYLL-MURRAY, possible 13th Baronet of Stanhope.

October 2010

John Mackie MURRAY, Forest House, Bournemouth.

September 2010

Frances Caroline Murray Williamson Gyll INNES.

August 2010

Maria Murray COWELL, London Actress.

July 2010

James Alexander MURRAY, Bendigo Butcher.

June 2010

Adam Lamb MURRAY of the Shotts Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

May 2010

James Tait MURRAY of Chicago, Illinois.

April 2010

Jeanne Murray AANONSEN and Knud AANONSEN of Staten Island, New York.

March 2010

Peter MURRAY, Corporal in the 27th Battalion (City of Winnipeg) of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

February 2010

Walter MURRAY, Master Flesher in Moffat.

November 2009

David MURRAY, International Champion Sheepdog Trialist.

James Dalton MURRAY, C.M.G.