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Murrays in Selkirk

Sunderland Hall

Walter Murray of the Royal Artillery

West Sunderland Hall
West Sunderland Hall

Walter MURRAY was born on 29 April 1784 in the Melrose Parish of Roxburghshire.  He was the son of John MURRAY and Elizabeth LAIDLAW.  Walter was a Bombardier in the Royal Artillery.

Walter was married to Younger KERR and they raised a large family at the Sunderland Hall farm which overlooks the Ettrick Water on the A707 north of Selkirk in the Borders of Scotland.  (See photo at right of Sunderland Hall West Lodge. Click on photo for larger image.)

Murray Headstone in the Selkirk Cemetery
Selkirk Cemetery

Younger Kerr MURRAY died in 1847 at Sunderland Hall West Lodge and Walter MURRAY died there on 08 August 1860.  Photographs, left and right, show Walter MURRAY's family headstone located in the Selkirk Churchyard.  The photographs on this page appear here courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD, a descendant or Walter MURRAY and Younger KERR.

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Murray Headstone in the Selkirk Cemetery
Murray Headstone

The following appeared in the Edinburgh Newspaper,  THE SCOTSMAN on 16 August 1860:

Galashiels - Death of a Peninsular Hero

The GALASHIELS RECORD intimates the death of Walter Murray, pensioner, who resided at Westerlodge, Sunderlandhall.  Deceased enlisted in the Artillery in 1806, and was present at the bombardment of Copenhagen, under General CATHCART.  He served in the Peninsular War, and was along with WELLINGTON in the celebrated retreat on the lines of Torres, Vedras.  He was present at the engagement of the Pyreness, Salamanco, and Toulouse, at the latter of which he lost his arm by a cannon shot.  He was one of the MURRAYs of Buckholm a widely known Border family, the only surviving male member now being our townsman, Thomas MURRAY, who was also for several years in the army.

Children of Walter MURRAY and Younger KERR:

i.  John MURRAY, who was born on 2 April 1820 in Galashiels.

ii.  Helen MURRAY, who was born on 10 December 1821 in Galashiels.  Helen married John FALLA on 29 August 1853 in Melrose.  John FALLA died within about two years of the marriage.  Helen married Hugh MCLAUGHLAN on 10 December 1860 at East Lodge, Sunderland Hall near Selkirk.  Helen died on 27 September 1897 at Sunderland Cottages, Sunderland Hall and Hugh MCLAUGHLAN died 13 February 1902 in Melrose.  (Many thanks to Irene THOROGOOD for the information on this family.)

iii.  Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born about 1824 in Galashiels.  Elizabeth was a Dressmaker before she died on 18 June 1895 at Sunderland Lodge.

iv.  William MURRAY, who was born on 09 August 1825 at Sunderland in Selkirkshire.

v.  Walter MURRAY, who was born on 27 October 1828 at Sunderland.  Walter died on 17 January 1834 at Sunderland.

vi.  Grace MURRAY, who was born on 25 January 1831 at Sunderland.

vii.  Mary MURRAY, who was born on 03 December 1832 at Sunderland.

viii.  James K. MURRAY, who was born on 25 May 1835 at Sunderland.

ix.  Margaret Younger MURRAY, who was born on 11 March 1839 at Sunderland.  Margaret worked as a Dressmaker and she died at the West Lodge of Sunderland Hall in Selkirk on 30 July 1912.

Child Margaret Younger MURRAY:

1.  Younger MURRAY, who was born on 27 October 1858 at Sunderland Hall.

x.  Walter MURRAY, who was born on 22 December 1842 at Sunderland.  Walter was a Sgt. with the 78th Highlanders before he died 18 July 1873 at Sunderland Lodge.