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Murrays in Moffat

Geneva Cottage

Walter Murray Master Flesher in Moffat

Walter MURRAY was born on 12 April 1857 at Greenhill, in the Moffat Parish of Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  He was a son of Peter MURRAY and Margaret GEDDES.  Walter was a Master Flesher (Butcher) and lived at Geneva Cottage which was on Beechgrove Street on the North Side of Moffat.

On 21 March 1884, in Moffat, Walter married Helen TAIT, a daughter of George TAIT and Jane LINDSAY.  Helen was born on 11 July 1857 in Glengeith, Crawford in Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Helen's father was a Toll Keeper in Crawford.

Tuberculosis was the bane of this family.  It is believed that tuberculosis forced Walter MURRAY to abandon his profession in the early 1890's.  Indeed in his last years he worked as a shepherd or a labourer in the Moffat area.  Walter MURRAY was only thirty-nine (39) years old when he died on 18 December 1896 at Geneva Cottage.

Helen Tait MURRAY died less that two years later at Geneva Cottage on 1 August 1898.  Helen was only forty-one (41) and was survived by three children, all under the age of thirteen (13).

Children of Walter MURRAY and Helen TAIT:

i.  Peter MURRAY, who was born prematurely on 26 April 1885 at Geneva Cottage.  Peter MURRAY died on 3 May 1885.

ii.  James Tait MURRAY, who was born on 14 September 1886 at Geneva Cottage.

iii.  Jeanne Lindsay Tait MURRAY, who was born on 1 October 1888 at Geneva Cottage.

iv.  Peter MURRAY, who was born on 19 October 1891 at Geneva Cottage.