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Murrays in Galashiels


Thomas Murray Clothier

Thomas MURRAY was born 21 February 1789 at Buckholm near Galashiels.  He was a son of John MURRAY and Elizabeth LAIDLAW.  Thomas lived in Darlingshaugh, a subsection of Galashiels where he worked as a Woolen Dyer and Clothier.

On 02 February 1819, Thomas married Margaret SIME in the Melrose Parish of Roxburghshire.  Margaret was born about 1797 and she and Thomas raised a large family in Darlingshaugh.  Thomas MURRAY died on 16 September 1865 and Margaret died on 19 April 1876.  They are both buried in the Ladhope Cemetery on Haliburton Street in Galashiels.  A photograph of this family's headstone appears at right courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD, a descendant Thomas MURRAY's older brother Walter MURRAY.

Children of Thomas MURRAY and Margaret SIME:

i.  Margaret MURRAY, who was born on 14 April 1820 in the Roberton Parish of Roxburghshire.  Margaret died on 09 June 1845 in Stirling.

ii.  Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born on 31 May 1822 in Galashiels.  Elizabeth was married to John TAIT and they had a daughter named Elizabeth TAIT who was born about 1856.  The mother died on 23 September 1856 and the daughter died 25 November 1873.

iii.  Isabella MURRAY, who was born on 18 June 1824 in Darlingshaugh.  Isabella died in August of 1848.

iv.  Grace MURRAY, who was born on 11 June 1826 in Darlingshaugh.  Grace died at Botany Mill Cottage in Galashiels on 08 March 1875.

v.  John MURRAY, who was born on 26 August 1828 in Darlingshaugh.  John was a Sergeant in the 71st Foot and lived for a time at Edinburgh Castle.  On 29 September 1865, John married Janet TURNBULL at 61 Canongate in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire.  Janet was born on 05 October 1830 in Jedburgh and was the daughter of William TURNBULL and Janet JARDINE.  John MURRAY died on 01 June 1905 at 25 Canongate in Jedburgh.  (Many thanks to Irene THOROGOOD for the information on this family.)

vi.  Janet MURRAY, who was born on 15 September 1830 in Darlingshaugh.

vii.  James MURRAY, who was born on 06 September 1832 in Darlingshaugh.

viii.  Anne Sime MURRAY, who was born on 13 December 1834 in Darlingshaugh.  Anne married Robert BEAUMONT who was born about 1817.  Anne Murray BEAUMONT died 16 January 1886 and her husband Robert died 20 April 1890.

ix.  Thomas MURRAY, who was born on 24 September 1837 in Darlingshaugh.  Thomas died on 28 April 1866 in Aldershot, southwest of London.

x.  Mary MURRAY, who was born on 11 June 1840 in Darlingshaugh.

xi.  Helen Sime MURRAY, who was born on 03 July 1844 in Darlingshaugh.  Helen died on 27 December 1880 in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.