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Anderson in Tweedsmuir


Janet "Nettie" Boyd Kelley Anderson

Family of Nettie Anderson
Anderson Family

Janet "Nettie" Boyd Kelly ANDERSON was born in 1904 at Glenveg in Tweedsmuir.  She was the daughter of William ANDERSON and Janet DEMPSTER.  The photo at left shows young Nettie with her parents and her young brother Willie.  Although apparently not linked to the Murrays of Stanhope, Nettie's ancestors own a notable legacy of their own that includes over 200 years in Peeblesshire.

As explained in the following paragraphs, her position in the Tweedsmuir community gave Nettie the unique opportunity to be a leading expert in the genealogy of all Tweedsmuir families.

Nettie Anderson
Nettie Anderson

Willie and Nettie Anderson
William and Nettie Anderson

The social center of any Scotland community is the Parish Church and Nettie played the organ in the Tweedsmuir Kirk for nearly 50 years.  Her brother, British Empire Medal winner Willie ANDERSON, was a Tweedsmuir Church Elder for more than 30 years and Nettie's father, William, was an Elder for 50 years.

The photo at right shows Nettie being presented a bouquet of appreciation by a young Tweedsmuir lad on the night her brother Willie ANDERSON (standing behind at left) was awarded the British Empire Medal.

Glenveg Petrol Station, Tweedsmuir, Scotland
Glenveg Petrol Station

Nettie's family also ran the local petrol station at Glenveg and Nettie herself worked the pumps for 30 years.  The photo at left shows Willie manning the pumps on a winter Tweedsmuir day.  The petrol station was of course the central news bureau and when you pair that with the ANDERSON's status in the Parish Church, one can not conceive of a single Peeblesshire incident of which Nettie wasn't fully acquainted.

It was into this environment that Tom MURRAY, keen MURRAY researcher, maneuvered his parched automobile during the spring of 1967.  Upon meeting Nettie and explaining the purpose of his expedition, Nettie immediately stated, "You must be descended from the MURRAYs of Hearthstanes."  Thirty years later, after trolling through countless records and documents, Tom finally proved that Nettie had been right all along.

Now, thanks to the generosity of Nettie's relatives, Charles and Ruth Anderson HOUSTON, we learn that Nettie was also a photographer.  Nettie's affection for the Tweedsmuir area is obvious in her choice of subjects.  It is hoped that researchers of all Peeblesshire surnames will find Nettie's Landscapes helpful, enlightening, and educational.

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