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Fleming in Galashiels


Mary Murray Fleming

Mary Murray
Mary Murray

Mary MURRAY (shown later in her life in the photograph at left, click on photograph for larger image) was born 11 June 1840 in Darlingshaugh and was the daughter of Thomas MURRAY and Margaret SIME.  In the early 1860's, Mary was working as a Nursery Maid in Tillicoultry, Stirlingshire when she met Henry FLEMING.  (see photograph of Henry at right, click on photo for larger image.)  Henry was a journeyman weaver and was born about 1843 in Clackmannan.  Mary MURRAY and Henry FLEMING were married on 29 September 1862 in Stirling.  The photographs of Henry and Mary Murray FLEMING were very kindly supplied by their direct descendant, Nancy WALTON.

Henry and Mary Murray FLEMING moved to the Ladhope area of Galashiels where they raised a family while Henry worked as a Woolen Weaver.

Henry Fleming
Henry Fleming

Henry FLEMING died on 12 March 1909 and Mary Murray FLEMING died on 28 January 1929.  They are both buried in the Ladhope Cemetery in Galashiels.  The FLEMING family headstone is shown in the photograph at right which appears here courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD.  Irene is a descendant of Mary Murray FLEMING's uncle Walter MURRAY.

Children of Henry and Mary Murray FLEMING:

i.  John FLEMING, who was born 13 March 1863 at Botany in Galashiels.  John died on 09 March 1867 at Botany.

ii.  Thomas Murray FLEMING, who was born 27 May 1865 at Botany.

iii.  Margaret Sime FLEMING, who was born in 1867 in Galashiels.

iv.  Henry FLEMING, who was born prematurely on 21 February 1869 at Botany and died just 8 hours later on 22 February 1869.

v.  James Murray FLEMING, who was bon on 11 March 1872 at 13 King Street, Galashiels.  James died on 27 December 1872.

vi.  Murray FLEMING, who was born 13 September 1873 at 13 King Street.  Murray drowned in the Mill Race in Galashiels on 17 February 1877.

vii.  Agnes Niven Fleming, who was born on 18 September 1875 on Botany Lane in Galashiels.  Agnes died on 29 May 1948 in Galashiels and is buried in the family plot in the Ladhope Cemetery.

viii.  John FLEMING, who was born on 26 January 1878 on Botany Lane.  John married Elizabeth HARDIE on 27 October 1911 at 20 Stirling Street in Galashiels.  Elizabeth was born on 08 September 1889 at 6 Stirling Street and was a daughter of Robert HARDIE and Margaret WILSON.  John FLEMING died on 10 October 1931.

ix.  Mary Ann Fleming who was born in June of 1880 in Galashiels.  Mary Ann died on 28 August 1881 at 33 Glendinning Terrace in Galashiels.

x.  Annie Murray FLEMING, who was born on 6 December 1882 at 8 Gaitburn Place in Galashiels.  Annie died on 15 May 1953 and is buried in the family plot in the Ladhope Cemetery.