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Cranston in Lanarkshire


Margaret Murray Cranston

Margaret MURRAY was born about 06 June 1783, the daughter of Alexander MURRAY and Mary LAIDLAW.  She married George CRANSTON (or CRANSTONE or CRANSTOUN) on 01 December 1801.

George was born about 23 July 1781.  He was the eldest surviving son and one of twelve children born to William CRANSTON, an Innkeeper in Crawford, Lanarkshire and his spouse Mary Forsyth.  As a young man, George CRANSTON worked on the Coulterallers farm where Alexander MURRAY was tenant.

George CRANSTON and Alexander MURRAY's daughter, Margaret, were married and raised a family of at least six children.  George CRANSTON died 05 August 1843 and Margaret died 12 December 1843.  George and Margaret are buried in the cemetery at Kirkton farm near Crawford (see headstone at right click on photo for larger image).

Children of George CRANSTON and Margaret MURRAY:

i.  Alexander CRANSTON who was born about 10 October 1802 in Crawford.

ii.  William CRANSTON, was born about 1804 and died 02 March 1829 in Moffat.

iii.  John CRANSTON, who was born about 1805 and was an Innkeeper on High Street in Moniaive, Dumfriesshire.  John married Marion HAIG on 25 December 1842 in Dornock, Drumfriesshire.  John married secondly Agnes Bryden on 05 November 1854.  John was a widower when he died on 26 March 1871 in Moniaive.  John CRANSTON and Marion HAIG had a son, George CRANSTON who was born about 1843 and died 30 December 1894 in Moniaive.

iv.  Elizabeth CRANSTON was born about 1813 and died 27 May 1858 in Crawford.

v.  David CRANSTON was born about 05 March 1817 in Coulter and died young.

vi.  George CRANSTON who was born about 12 March 1819 in Coulter.

vii. Janet CRANSTON who was born about 1821.