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Aitken of Callands

Newlands Parish

Margaret Murray Aitken

Margaret MURRAY, was born on the eighth of February 1748, the only daughter of James MURRAY and Barbara SIMSONE (SIMPSON).  Margaret was married on 22 September 1774 to John AITKEN, of Callands.

John AITKEN was born about 1748, the son of John AITKEN and Jean HUNTER and the grandson of Andrew AITKEN, portioner of Elsrickle.  Callands (show at right) is located between Drochil and Newlands Bridge on the Water of Lynn and it was acquired by the AITKEN family in 1761.

John AITKEN died 30 May 1835 and Margaret Murray AITKEN died 01 August 1839.

Child of John AITKEN and Margaret MURRAY:

i.  James AITKEN, born on the 17th of July 1775 at Callands.  He married Agnes NIMMO who was born about 1779 and died 12 November 1851.  James AITKEN, of Callands died 16 June 1839.

Children of James AITKEN and Agnes NIMMO:

1.  John AITKEN who was born 7 July 1809 at Callands.  This John AITKEN sold Callands to James Murray of Craigend in 1840.

2.  Janet Hamilton AITKEN who was born about 28 March 1811 at Callands.

3.  James AITKEN who was born about 24 May 1814 at Callands.

4.  Robert Nimmo AITKEN who was born about 21 November 1816 at Callands.

5.  Margaret Murray AITKEN who was born about 14 October 1818 at Callands.  She died on 22 June 1844.

6.  Andrew White AITKEN who was born on 01 August 1820 at Callands.

7.  William Nimmo AITKEN who was born about 1835 at Callands.  He died on 08 April 1844.

ii.  Jean AITKEN, born on the 4th of August 1778 at Callands.

iii.  Barbara AITKEN, born on the 20th of February 1780 at Callands.