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Murray in Kensington

Cheniston Gardens

Keith William Murray

Keith William Murray, F.S.A., Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms was born 8 July 1860 in Radnor Place, Hyde Park, London

It is essential for any serious researcher of the MURRAY surname in Scotland (especially MURRAY of a landed gentry) to be aware of the large collection compiled by Mr. Keith W. Murray.

Mr. Murray, a descendant of the MURRAYs of Philiphaugh, developed a fervent interest in Scottish records and was obsessed with discovering the true pedigrees of families of his own surname.

His life's work, now in possession of the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh, is a 14 volume collection of Mr. Murray's personal notes gleaned from a wide assortment of Scottish records.

Of particular importance is Mr. Murray's Volume V, in which he drew the pedigrees of many MURRAY families.  These charts represent the fruition of Mr. Murray's tedious culling of everything MURRAY from Scotland's archives.

Mr. Murray's work is in the Manuscript Division, of the National Library of Scotland and has been assigned the reference number ACC 9691.

Keith William Murray died on 11 January 1922 at Cheniston Gardens, Kensington.