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Murray in Buckholm


John Murray tenant in Buckholm

John MURRAY was born about 29 July 1741 at Easter Stanhope in the Drumelzier parish of Peeblesshire.  He was a son of James MURRAY and Barbara Simpson.

Old Buckholm Tower, Galashiels
Old Buckholm Tower, Galashiels

On 27 December 1771, John MURRAY married Elizabeth LAIDLAW in Innerleithen, Peeblesshire.  Elizabeth was born about 1748 and was the daughter of William LAIDLAW, tenant in Williamslee and his wife Grace SCOTT.  John Murray was a tenant in the Buckholm farm which is located on the A7(T) just north of Galashiels.  (see photo at right of Old Buckholm Tower, home of the PRINGLE family.  The tower sits higher on Buckholm Hill than the tenant farm of John Murray which is out of frame.)

Buckholm Farm House
Buckholm Farm House

The house where John MURRAY and Elizabeth LAIDLAW raised their large family probably has not survived.  At left is a photograph of the current Buckholm farm house.  The photographs on this page appear here courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD, a descendant of John MURRAY and Elizabeth LAIDLAW.  John MURRAY died in 1811 and is buried in the Innerleithen Churchyard.

Children of John MURRAY and Elizabeth LAIDLAW:

i.  Grizel MURRAY, who was baptized 23 October 1772 in the Parish of Yarrow, Selkirkshire.  Grizel died on 02 January 1848 and is buried in the Innerleithen Cemetery.

ii.  James MURRAY, who was baptized 25 March 1774 in the Yarrow Parish.

iii.  William MURRAY, who was baptized 24 May 1776 in the Yarrow Parish.

Headstone of John Murray (1777-1850)
John Murray (1777-1850)
Innerleithen Cemetery

iv.  John MURRAY, who was baptized 14 May 1777 in Yarrow.  John married and followed his father as tenant in Buckholm.  It is not believed there were any children that survived this couple.  John MURRAY died at Buckholm on 17 Jan 1850 and was buried in the Innerleithen Churchyard.  (See photo at right of John MURRAY's Innerleithen Headstone.)

v.  Barbara MURRAY, who was baptized 12 August 1778 in the Yarrow Parish.

vi.  Robert MURRAY, who was born on 02 August 1780 in Buckholm.

vii.  Alexander MURRAY, who was born on 07 March 1782 in Buckholm.

viii.  Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born on 01 April 1783 in Buckholm.

ix.  Walter MURRAY, who was born on 29 April 1784 in Buckholm.

x.  Margaret MURRAY, who was born on 18 September 1785 in Buckholm and died on 07 March 1875.

xi.  Jean MURRAY, who was born on 30 May 1787 in Buckholm.

xii.  Thomas MURRAY, who was born on 21 February 1789 in Buckholm.

xiii.  Adam MURRAY, who was born on 30 July 1791 in Buckholm.

xix.  Mary MURRAY, who was born on 21 May 1793 in Buckholm and died in 1881.