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Murrays in New York

Staten Island

Jeanne Lindsay Tait Murray Aanonsen

Knud and Jeanne Murray Aanonsen with infant Helen about 1916
Knud and Jeanne Murray Aanonsen with infant Helen
abt 1916

Jeanne Lindsay Tait MURRAY was born on 1 October 1888 at Geneva Cottage, in the village of Moffat in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  She was the only daughter of Walter MURRAY and Helen TAIT.  Jeanne, (also known as Jane, Jean, or Jeannie) was raised by her relatives, as both of her parents died of tuberculosis before Jeanne was ten (10) years old.

In 1901, Jeanne was living with the family of her Uncle Robert TAIT on Dorset Street in Glasgow. 

In her early twenties, still living in Glasgow, Jeanne saved her earnings as a Boot Salesperson so she could emigrate to North America.  On 19 April 1913, Jeanne MURRAY boarded the S. S. Cameronia which was bound for New York.  (The Cameronia was the same ship that Jeanne's brothers James MURRAY and Peter MURRAY had taken to New York in 1911.)

Jeanne MURRAY arrived in New York on 27 April 1913 and lived with her brother, James MURRAY, at 58 Stirling Ave in Greenville, Jersey City, New Jersey.

Jeanne and Knud Aanonsen at the beach
Jeanne and Knud AANONSEN
at the beach

On December 31, 1915, Jeanne MURRAY married Knud AANONSEN in Richmond County, New York.  Knud was born on 20 February 1884 in Arendal, Norway and was a son of Vrald and Aslaug Knudsen AANONSEN.  Knud worked as a Ship Carpenter for Brighton Marine Repair Yard which was on the corner of Richmond Terrace and Bement Avenue in West New Brighton, New York.

Aanonsen Family
Back row: Victor, Jeannie, Helen, Knud
Front row: Kenneth, Walter.

Knud and Jeanne Murray AANONSEN raised a family while living at 62 Elm Street in West New Brighton, New York.  Jeanne Murray AANONSEN died on 6 September 1939 on Staten Island and Knud AANONSEN died on 19 May of 1969.

Children of Knud ANNONSEN and Jeanne MURRAY:

i.  Helen Murray ANNONSEN, who was born on 19 October 1916 in Port Richmond County New York.  She was baptized at Zion Lutheran on Staten Island.  Helen was married on 05 April 1942 to Woodrow (Woodie) Seden COUNTS.  Woodie COUNTS was born on 7 September 1912 in Virginia and was a son of George COUNTS and Barbara Ellen Hoke COUNTS.  Helen Aanonsen COUNTS died on 21 September of 1990 in Dixon, Pulaski County, Missouri.  Woodie COUNTS died in November 1991 in Dixon, Missouri.

ii.  Victor Peter AANONSEN, who was born on 20 September 1918 in New Jersey.  Victor was a Police Officer and he married Blanche Muriel NEWBY.  Blanche was born on 10 April 1923.  Victor and Blanche Newby AANONSEN raised three children on Staten Island.  Victor AANONSEN died in February of 1977 and Blanche Newby AANONSEN died on 07 December 1992.

iii.  Walter James AANONSEN, who was born on 04 January 1921 on Staten Island.  Walter was married and had three children.  Walter AANONSEN died on 03 December 2000 in Amityville in Suffolk County, New York. 

Knud and Jeanne Aanonsen with young Kenneth about 1931
Knud and Jeanne Aanonsen with young Kenneth
about 1931

iv.  Kenneth Gene AANONSEN, who was born on 18 February 1928 on Staten Island.  Kenneth was a subway worker and was married on 25 August 1962 to Mildred COUNTS.  Mildred was born on 30 November 1933 in Earlehurst, Virginia.  Kenneth and Mildred AANONSEN had two children.  Mildred Counts AANONSEN died in 1982.  Kenneth AANONSEN was then married to Rosemary NEIDERHAUSER.  Kenneth AANONSEN died 01 September 2006 in Castleton Corners, New Dorp, New York.  Rosemary Niederhauser AANONSEN died on 30 July 2009 on Staten Island.

(A sincere "Thank You" to the descendants of this AANONSEN family for the information and photographs displayed on this web page.)