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Russell in West Calder

West Lothian

James Russell and Janet Murray

Janet MURRAY was born about 1845 in the West Linton Parish of Peeblesshire.  She was a daughter of Alexander MURRAY and Mary FLETCHER.

Janet MURRAY had two children in her early twenties:

i.  James Fraser MURRAY, was born about 25 December 1865, in Tweedsmuir Parish of Peeblesshire.  James (shown at right with his sister Annie Halliday MURRAY) worked as a quarryman in and around Fauldhouse, Linlithgow.  James married Isabella AITCHISON on 21 August 1890 at Fauldhouse.  James Fraser MURRAY died on 20 February 1945 at Avon Lodge in Hamilton.

Children of James Fraser MURRAY and Isabella AITCHISON:

1.  Isabella MURRAY, who was born on 13 November 1892 in Fauldhouse.

2.  Janet MURRAY, who was born about 1898 in Haywood district of Lanarkshire.  Janet married Henry HAMBLEY in 1921 in the Blythswood district of Glasgow

ii.  Anne Halliday MURRAY, was born about 13 June 1870 at Glenruskie in the Tweedsmuir Parish.  Anne (shown in photo at right and above with her brother James Fraser MURRAY) married James MORRISON in 1918 in Tweedsmuir.  James MORRISON died shortly after the marriage at Polmood Cottage in the Drumelzier Parish of Peeblesshire.  Anne was living at Mossfennan Lodge around 1940.  Anne Halliday Murray MORRISON died on 30 November 1941 at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.

(The photographs of Annie Halliday MURRAY and her brother James Fraser MURRAY were in the possession of Nettie ANDERSON and appear her with the special permission of Nettie's relatives Charles and Ruth Anderson HOUSTON.)

On 30 November 1874, Janet MURRAY, daughter of Alexander MURRAY and Mary FLETCHER, married James RUSSELL in West Calder.  James was born about 1838 in Fifeshire and was the son of John RUSSELL and Margaret JOHNSTON.  At one time, James and Janet Murray RUSSELL lived at Dodridge in Mid Calder where James worked at the Oil Works.  James later worked as a agricultural labourer and the family lived at Haugh Cottage and then Eckford in Kirkliston.  James RUSSELL died at Eckford Cottage on 01 June 1921.  Janet Murray RUSSELL died on 17 July 1926 at Eckford Cottage.

Children of James RUSSELL and Janet MURRAY:

iii.  Mary Fletcher RUSSELL, was born on 08 March 1875 in West Calder.  Mary worked as a Farm Servant in the Kirkliston area.

iv.  Alexander RUSSELL, was born on 15 December 1876 in West Calder.  Alexander worked as a Shale Miner in the Kirkliston area.

v.  James RUSSELL, was born on27 March 1879 at Raw Toll in Mid Calder.  James worked as a Carter in and around Kirkliston.

vi.  Janet RUSSELL, was born on 18 August 1884 at Haugh Cottage in Kirkliston.

vii.  Jean (Jane) RUSSELL, was born on 28 March 1886 at Haugh Cottage.