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Tait in Westkirk


Janet Murray Tait

Janet MURRAY was born about 04 December 1814 at Hearthstane in the Tweedsmuir Parish of Peeblesshire.  She was the daughter of John MURRAY and Margaret GRAY. On 26 May 1839, Janet married Adam TAIT in the Newlands Parish Church.  Adam was a resident of the St. Cuthbert's parish in Edinburgh and he was employed as a traveler (salesman) for Charles Dick, Brewer in Edinburgh.  Janet Murray TAIT died sometime before 1867.

Children of Adam TAIT and Janet MURRAY:

i.  Alexandrina Murray TAIT was born about 1842 in Westkirk, Edinburgh.  On 16 June 1865, Alexandrina married Adam DALGLEISH in the Newlands Parish of Peeblesshire.  Adam DALGLEISH was born about 28 October 1843 at Talla, in the Tweedsmuir Parish.  He was the son of Walter DALGLEISH and Anne STODDART.  Alexandrina Murray DALGLEISH died in Edinburgh on 31 January 1905.

Children of Adam DALGLEISH and Alexandrina TAIT:

1.  Janet Murray DALGLEISH was born about 24 September 1865 in Tweedsmuir.  Janet worked as a Tweed Darner in Peebles and died there on 03 January 1894.

2.  Walter DALGLEISH was born about 24 May 1867 in Peebles.

3.  Ann Stoddart DALGLEISH was born 19 October 1869 in Peebles.

4.  Adam Tait DALGLEISH was born 13 June 1871 in Peebles.

5.  John Alexander DALGLEISH was born about 13 January 1874 in Peebles.

6.  Mary DALGLEISHwas born about 1877 in Peebles.

7.  Margaret Gray DALGLEISH was born about 1879 in Peebles.  Margaret never married and died on 19 November 1890 in Peebles.

ii.  Fanny Ann TAIT was a daughter of Adam TAIT and Janet MURRAY and she was born about 1844 in Westkirk.  Fanny never married and lived with her cousin Margaret Gray PORTEOUS at 7 Annandale Street in Edinburgh.  Fanny Ann TAIT died on 27 October 1913 in South Leith.

iii.  Mary TAIT was born about 1847 in West Kirk.

iv.  John TAIT was born about 1852 at Wester Deans, Peeblesshire.