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Gairns in Skirling

Skirling Parish, Peeblesshire

Janet Aitken Gairns

Janet Hamilton AITKEN was born 28 March 1811, the daughter of James AITKEN and Agnes NIMMO.  She married John GAIRNS who was born about 1802.  Janet died on 25 December 1849 and John died on 28 May 1875.

Children of John GAIRNS and Janet AITKEN:

i.  Agnes Nimmo Aitken GAIRNS, born about 1843 in the Skirling Parish of Peeblesshire.

ii.  Mary Thomson GAIRNS, born about 1845 in the Skirling Parish.  She died 14 May 1895 and is buried in the Skirling Churchyard.

iii.  John GAIRNS, born about 1847 in the Skirling Parish.  John married Elizabeth MATHER who was born about 1845 in Eaglesham, Renfrewshire.

Children of John GAIRNS and Elizabeth MATHER:

1.  John GAIRNS was born about 1878 in the Skirling Parish.

2.  James GAIRNS was born about 1880 in the Skirling Parish.

iv.  Janet Hamilton Aitken GAIRNS, born about 1849 in the Skirling Parish.  Janet was married to W. Stuart Wilson before she died 18 February 1882.  Janet is buried in the Skirling Churchyard