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Murrays in Selkirk

Textile Industry

James Murray Woolen Mill Foreman

James MURRAY was born 06 September 1832 at Darlingshaugh in Galashiels.  He was a son of Thomas MURRAY and Margaret SIME.  James moved down the A7 to Selkirk where he worked in the woolen mills so prevalent in that burgh.  For a time, James was a Woolen Spinner and eventually became a Foreman at one of the mills. 

In 1855, James MURRAY married Elizabeth HILL.  Elizabeth was born on 03 May 1836 in the Fala and Soutra parish of Midlothian.  She was the daughter of Ralph HILL and Elizabeth WADDELL.  James and Elizabeth raised a family in the Elm Bank and Mavis Bank areas of Selkirk.  Elizabeth died on 27 December 1875 in Selkirk.

James MURRAY then married Jane SHORT in 1881 in the Merton Parish of Roxburghshire.  Jane was born about 1844 in St. Boswells, Roxburghshire and was the daughter of James SHORT and Agnes HONEYMAN.  James MURRAY was diagnosed with heart disease in 1889 and indeed died of heart failure on 07 July 1894 at 14 Dovecot Park in Selkirk.  Jane Short MURRAY died on 07 January 1926 at 32 Dovecot Park.

Children of James MURRAY and Elizabeth HILL:

i.  Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born about 1857 in Galashiels.  Elizabeth worked as a Powerloom Weaver in one of the Selkirk Mills.

ii.  Margaret Sime MURRAY, who was born on 28 February 1858 in the Ladhope District of Galashiels.  Margaret also worked in one of the Selkirk Mills as a Woolen Weaver.

iii.  Ralph Hill MURRAY, who was born on 10 January 1863 in Selkirk.  Ralph married Isabella Fletch STODDART and worked as a Woolen Patternman.  Ralph and Isabella once lived on Tower Terrace in Selkirk.

iv.  Isabella MURRAY, who was born on 09 June 1865 in Selkirk.  Another worker in the woolen mills, Isabella worked as a Woolen Darner and Powerloom Weaver.

v.  James Sime MURRAY, who was born 19 April 1870 at Elmbank in Selkirk.  James worked as a Printer Compositor.  In Glasgow in 1897, James married Janet Little CURRIE.   Janet was born in Glasgow about 1870 and was a daughter of John CURRIE and Mary Ann Barker.  Later in life, James and Janet lived in Largs, Ayrshire where James worked as a School Attendance Officer.  James Sime MURRAY died on 16 March 1943 at 59 Gateside Street in Largs and Janet Little Currie MURRAY died there on 15 March 1944.  James and Janet had a son named James who was born about 1899 in Glasgow.  The son, James, was living at 19 Harefield Avenue, Dundee in the 1940's.

vi.  Marion Hill MURRAY, who was born on 26 November 1872 in Selkirk.  Marion was a school teacher and lived at 32 Dovecot Park in Selkirk.  Marion died on 28 November 1951 at Boleside House in Galashiels.