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Murrays in California

Tulare County

James K. Murray, Blacksmith in Porterville

18/20 Island Street, Galashiels
18/20 Island Street, Galashiels

James K. MURRAY was born 25 May 1835 at Sunderland, north of Selkirk, in the Borders area of Scotland.  He was a son of Walter MURRAY and Younger KERR.  As a young man, James apprenticed as a Blacksmith in nearby Galashiels.  On 26 November 1858, James married Elizabeth LESLIE on Island Street in Galashiels.  Elizabeth was born 30 November 1834 in Makerston, Roxburghshire and was the daughter of Andrew LESLIE and Elizabeth ALLAN.

For over 30 years, James worked as a Blacksmith in Galashiels and he and Elizabeth raised a family of ten children while living at 18/20 Island Street.  (See photo of 18/20 Island Street at right.  Photo appears here courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD, a descendant of James and Elizabeth Leslie MURRAY.)


In 1892, James K. MURRAY emigrated to the United States to scout a place for his family to live.  He arrived in New York on 12 October 1892 on the ship STATE OF CALIFORNIA (see photo at left).  The name of the ship proved prophetic.  The manifest shows that James had intended on settling in New York, but by 1893 James was living in California.

Elizabeth Leslie MURRAY and four of her children arrived in New York on 08 May 1893 aboard the ship THE GRECIAN.

James K. MURRAY was a blacksmith in Porterville, Tulare County, California.  Elizabeth Leslie MURRAY died in Porterville in April of 1904 and James K. MURRAY died in Porterville in April of 1905.

Children of James K. MURRAY and Elizabeth LESLIE:

i.  Walter MURRAY, who was born 19 October 1859 in Galashiels.

ii.  Andrew MURRAY, who was born 30 April 1861 in Galashiels.

iii.  Elizabeth Younger MURRAY, who was born 18 January 1863 in Galashiels.  Elizabeth died on 21 April 1863 on Island Street in Galashiels.

iv.  James MURRAY, who was born 23 June 1864 in Galashiels.  James was never married and worked as a Plumber.  He died on 04 April 1946 in Saratoga, Santa Clara County, California.

v.  William MURRAY, who was born 31 May 1866 in Galashiels.  In 1893, William moved to California with the family where he worked as a blacksmith.  He married Mary Elizabeth DUNNE and they lived in Alameda County.  Mary was born on 06 June 1865 in Norfolk, Virginia and was the daughter of George J. DUNNE and Anne SULLIVAN.  Mary died on 20 December 1924 in Alameda.  William died on 19 July 1939 in Oakland County, California.

vi.  John MURRAY, who was born 11 December 1867 in Galashiels.  John died on 02 January 1874 on Island Street in Galashiels.

vii.  Elizabeth Allan MURRAY, who was born 25 February 1870 in Galashiels.

viii.  Alexander MURRAY, who was born 28 December 1871 in Galashiels.  Alexander died on 05 January 1873 on Island Street in Galashiels.

ix.  Allan MURRAY, who was born 05 June 1874 in Galashiels.

x.  Mary Younger Kerr MURRAY, who was born 14 June 1879 in Galashiels.