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Murrays in Tweedsmuir

Wester Hearthstane

James Murray in Wester Hearthstane

Wester Hearthstane, Tweedsmuir, Scotland
Wester Hearthstane

James MURRAY was born about 1739 and was the son of John MURRAY and Margaret LAIDLAW.

James was a colorful character as revealed by the Tweedsmuir Parish records.  As a young man and as the servant to Reverend Carnes, James witnessed the baptism of many Tweedsmuir children.  The later entries in the register for James, as the tenant of Wester Hearthstanes (shown at right), take on a different tone as it is recorded that he fathered three children of his own without the benefit of a marriage.  James Murray died 01 August 1794 and is buried in the Tweedsmuir Cemetery.

Hearthstane Glen, Tweedsmuir, Scotland
Hearthstane Glen

Twins born to James MURRAY, tenant in Wester Hearthstanes and Helen CALDERWOOD:

i.  Mary MURRAY, born about 23 July 1765.

ii.  Margaret MURRAY was born about 23 July 1765.  On 21 November 1788 she married John TAIT in Drumelzier.

Children of Margaret MURRAY and John TAIT:

1.  William TAIT, born about 17 July 1789 at Kingledoors.  William worked as a Gardener, was married, and died on 14 January 1866 at Wadingburn in Lasswade, Midlothian.

2.  Helen TAIT, born about 30 September 1791 at Manorhead in the Manor Parish.

3.  Jean TAIT, born about 29 March 1795 in the Peebles Parish.

4.  Margaret TAIT, born about 18 July 1797 at Whiteside in the Newlands Parish.

5.  Lawrence TAIT, born about 1 July 1801 at Whiteside.

6.  John TAIT, born about 6 April 1804 at Flemington Mill, in the Newlands Parish.

7.  Thomas Murray TAIT, born about 09 March 1810 at Whiteside.

James MURRAY, tenant in Wester Hearthstanes also had a relationship with Janet AIKENHEAD who was born about 2 December 1764 the daughter of William AIKENHEAD and Janet MUIR.  This was James' second offense against the Church and he was removed from the congregation when he declined to accept the consequences of his actions.  Three years later James requested to be absolved.  To read James' letter, applying for reacceptance to the Church, click here.

Child of James MURRAY and Janet AIKENHEAD:

iii. James MURRAY born about 1791.