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Murray in Stanhope

Easter Stanhope

James MURRAY tenant in Easter Stanhope

Easter Stanhope, Drumelzier Parish, Peeblesshire
Easter Stanhope

James MURRAY was born about 1703 and was a son of William MURRAY, tenant in Fruid and Margaret TWEEDIE.  On 03 February 1732, James married Barbara SIMSONE (SIMPSON).  James and Barbara raised their family at Easter Stanhope (shown at right, click on photo for larger view).  Barbara was born about 1708 and she died 19 December 1779.

Drochil Castle in ruins
Drochil Castle in ruins

In 1758, the lands of Over and Nether Glenrath were leased to James MURRAY, tenant in Easter Stanhope who immediately put his eldest son, William, therein.  James MURRAY then removed to the Drochil Farm in the Newlands Parish.  The Drochil Farm was built (and still exists) immediately beside the ruins of the Drochil Castle (shown at left).  James MURRAY was later a tenant at Whiteside also in the Newlands Parish.  James MURRAY died on 21 November 1775 and he and his wife are buried in the Drumelzier Cemetery.

Children of James MURRAY and Barbara SIMPSON:

i.  William MURRAY, who was born about 23 May 1733.

ii.  Alexander MURRAY was born about 17 April 1735 and died 27 October 1746 at Easter Stanhope.

iii.  James MURRAY was born at Stanhope about 27 July 1737 and apparently died sometime before 1745.

iv.  John MURRAY was born about 29 July 1741 at Easter Stanhope.

v.  James MURRAY, born about 13 June 1745 at Easter Stanhope.

vi.  Margaret MURRAY, was born 08 February 1748 at Easter Stanhope.