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Murrays in Ontario

Hay Township Huron County

James Murray Fruitful Shepherd

Tom Murray, Genealogist
Tom Murray

James MURRAY was born about 1791, the son of James MURRAY and Janet AIKENHEAD.  About 1816, James married Margaret ANDERSON.  Margaret was the daughter of Peter ANDERSON and Isobel HENDERSON.

Tom MURRAY (see photo at right) of Owen Sound, Ontario dedicated 50 years researching the story of James MURRAY and Margaret ANDERSON and has identified over 3100 of their descendants.  His work, THE FRUITFUL SHEPHERD, JAMES MURRAY OF TWEEDSMUIR, SCOTLAND was published in 1997.

As revealed in Tom MURRAY's book, the children of James MURRAY and Margaret ANDERSON were:

i.  James MURRAY was born 05 August 1817 at Over Menzion (shown at left) in Tweedsmuir.  On 15 April 1849, in Huron County, Ontario, he married Jean MOIR daughter of George MOIR and Jane STIRLING.  James MURRAY and Jean MOIR raised their family in Tuckersmith Township in Huron County, Ontario.

ii.  Peter MURRAY was born 05 August 1817 at Over Menzion in Tweedsmuir.  Peter remained in Scotland and in Dumfriesshire on 31 May 1844, he married Mary GEDDES the daughter of James GEDDES and Janet RICHARDSON.  This couple and their family lived at Burleywhag, in the Closeburn Parish of Dumfriesshire and at Greenhills in the Moffat Parish.  At right, is a photograph of Peter MURRAY and Mary GEDDES dated 1886.  As covered in Tom MURRAY's book, Peter MURRAY and Mary GEDDES had nine children including John MURRAY who went to New Zealand in 1886; Isabella MURRAY who lived in London; and Walter MURRAY, Master Flesher in Moffat, Dumfriesshire.

iii.  Agnes MURRAY was born 07 August 1819 at Over Menzion in Tweedsmuir.  On 2 February 1842, in Huron County, Agnes married Caster WILLIS.

iv.  Robert MURRAY was born 21 March 1822 at Over Menzion. (The view down the valley from Over Menzion is shown at left)  He married Janet MOIR, another daughter of George MOIR and Jane STIRLING in London, Ontario on 17 April 1853.  This couple had as many as seven children before Janet died on 12 June 1863.  Robert MURRAY then married Agnes WANLESS on 3 April 1866.  Robert and Agnes then had seven children of their own before Robert died on 24 September 1876.  Agnes Wanless MURRAY died on 14 April 1911.

v.  Isobel MURRAY was born 19 July 1825 at Lanark in Lanarkshire, Scotland.  She apparently died at a young age.

vi.  John MURRAY was born about 8 June 1827 in Lanarkshire.  He came to Ontario with his family in 1834.  In 1848, he went to London, Ontario to seek his fortune.  What became of him is unknown.

vii.  Isabella MURRAY was born about 4 December 1829 in Lanarkshire.  In Ontario on 25 August 1852 she married James MOIR, son of George MOIR and Jane STIRLING.  Isabella and James MOIR raised a family in Huron County, Ontario.

viii.  Janet MURRAY was born about 30 May 1832 in Windyshields, (shown at right) in Lanarkshire, Scotland.  She was married to David MILLAR in Ontario and they raised a family in Huron County, Ontario.

ix.  Thomas MURRAY was born 3 March 1838 in Hay Township, Huron County, Ontario.  In Menominee, Michigan on 3 August 1865, he married Josephine CALDWELL, the daughter of Thomas CALDWELL and Mary SOUCH.Thomas and Josephine MURRAY raised a family in Menominee.