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Murray in Flemington Mill

Newlands Parish

James MURRAY, tenant in Flemington Mill

Flemington Mill, Newlands Parish, Peeblesshire
Flemington Mill

James MURRAY was born 13 June 1745, at Easter Stanhope in Drumelzier.  He was the son of James MURRAY and Barbara SIMSONE (SIMPSON).

James MURRAY was a tenant at Whiteside and sometime before 1782 he leased Flemington Mill (shown at right).  He was married Elizabeth GIBSON.

James Murray he died 30 June 1817 at Flemington Mill. (click on photo at right for larger view)

Murray Burial Plot at Newlands
Murray Burial Plot at Newlands Cemetery

James MURRAY, tenant in Flemington Mill and many of his descendants are buried in the railed enclosure in the Newlands Cemetery in Peeblesshire.

The photograph at left shows that railed enclosure and appears here courtesy of Irene THOROGOOD a descendant John MURRAY.  Irene's ancestor was the brother of the subject of this web page, James MURRAY, tenant in Flemington Mill.

Children of James MURRAY and Elizabeth GIBSON:

i.  Elizabeth MURRAY was born 24 September 1779 at Whiteside in the Newlands Parish in Peeblesshire.  Elizabeth apparently never married and lived on the North Side of the High Street in Peebles.  She died in Edinburgh, at 46 South Clerk Street, on 10 December 1859.

ii.  James MURRAY was born about 03 Jan 1781 at Whiteside.

iii.  Barbara MURRAY was born about 24 August 1782 at Flemington Mill in the Newlands Parish.  She apparently was never married and lived most of her life in Edinburgh.  She died on 08 December 1860 at Cumin Place in the Grange District of Edinburgh

iv.  Thomas MURRAY was born about 29 March 1784 at Flemington Mill.  Thomas married Grace WHITE on 06 February 1829 in the St. Cuthbert's Parish of Midlothian, Scotland.  Grace was born around 1787 and was a daughter of Richard WHITE and Margaret DENHOLM.  Richard WHITE was a tenant in Hamildean in the Lyne Parish of Peeblesshire.  Thomas MURRAY died on 04 April 1852 at Flemington Mill and Grace died on 20 September 1873 at 14 West Preston Street in Edinburgh.

Drochil Castle in ruins
Drochil Castle in ruins

v.  William MURRAY was born about 19 February 1786 at Flemington Mill.  James Walter Buchan says in the HISTORY OF PEEBLESSHIRE, Vol. III, pg 83, that "William MURRAY according to his will, in 1842 resided at Drochil Castle, (shown at right) which suggest that it was then still habitable."  William MURRAY, also known as William MURRAY, Esquire of Fairliehope and Tenant in Whiteside, died on 24 February 1842.

Murray Headstone at Newlands
Murray Headstone at Newlands

vi.  John MURRAY was born about 21 March 1788 and died 18 August 1803 at Flemington Mill.  He was a son of Jame MURRAY and Elizabeth GIBSON.  His name appears on the MURRAY Headstone in the Newlands Cemetery (see photo at right).  Photo by Irene THOROGOOD.

vii.  Margaret MURRAY was born about 20 August 1790 and died 03 March 1805 at Flemington Mill.  Margaret's name also appears on the Murray Headstone in the Newlands Cemetery.  (see photo at right)

viii.  Alexander MURRAY was born about 11 June 1792 at Flemington Mill.

James MURRAY of Flemington Mill also had the following natural son (mother unknown):

Robert MURRAY was born 07 November 1806 and baptized on 04 February 1807 in the Stobo Parish of Peeblesshire.