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Murray of Ling

County Derry, Ireland

Gideon Murray, of Ling, Co. Derry

Gideon MURRAY was baptized about 30 January 1613 in Edinburgh.  He was a son of John MURRAY and Janet HOWIESON.  According to the LANDED GENTRY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, by Sir John Bernard Burke, Gideon was served heir to his younger brother, William, who had died sometime before 1644.  Gideon went to Ireland in about 1648 where he settled at Ling, in County Derry.  Ling is on the River Faughan, about 9 miles from Derry/Londonderry.  Gideon also held a considerable interest in other property including lands granted to the Skinner's Company of London.  The leases of some of this property were to remain with Gideon's descendants into the 19th Century.

Gideon married one Miss MACKY, a woman of Scottish birth.  The date and place of the marriage is unknown.

It was common for British families in the 17th Century to be torn apart by political events, as one sibling championed the Catholic STUARTS and another sibling favored the Protestant Williamites.  Perhaps no family in Britain was more polarized than the household of John MURRAY and Janet HOWIESON.  While their Peeblesshire offspring were risking life and property as staunch Jacobites supporting the Catholic Stuart family, Gideon MURRAY supported the Protestants and their champion, William of Orange.  Indeed, Gideon's son Adam is still celebrated as The Defender of Londonderry.

Children of Gideon MURRAY and Miss MACKY:

i.  Adam MURRAY

ii. Mary MURRAY

iii. Isabella MURRAY