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Inglis in Wisconsin

Fond du Lac County

Elizabeth Murray INGLIS

Elizabeth MURRAY was born about 03 November 1834 at Williamlaw in the Melrose Parish of Roxburghshire.  She was a daughter of Robert MURRAY and Agnes RIDDEL.  On 17 July 1853, Elizabeth MURRAY married William INGLIS in the Ashkirk Parish of Roxburghshire.  William was born in March of 1826 in the Ashkirk Parish and was the son of William INGLIS and Elizabeth HARVEY.

Inglewood, Fond du Lac County, WI

William and Elizabeth lived for a few months at Rosebank in Selkirkshire and then moved to Salenside in the Ashkirk Parish where William farmed.  In 1857, the family emigrated to North America and settled near Brandon in Alto Township, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.  The family owned 80 acres of farmland in section 12 of Alto Township.  A photograph of "Inglewood" the INGLIS family farmhouse, taken about 1886 is shown at right.  (Click on photo for larger image.)  Photo appears here with special permission of the MacDonald Family, descendants of William and Elizabeth Murray INGLIS.

Elizabeth Murray INGLIS died on 26 February 1899 in Fond du Lac County and William INGLIS died between 1910 and 1920.  Elizabeth Murray INGLIS is buried in the Brandon Cemetery in Brandon, Wisconsin.

Inglis Family about 1896
Inglis Family @1896
(Click on photo for larger image.)
Standing, Left to Right:
Mrs. Frank DODGE (unknown relationship), Frank DODGE (unknown relationship), Libby JOHNSON (unknown relationship)
Middle Row, Left to Right:
William INGLIS, Jr., Elizabeth Murray INGLIS, William INGLIS, Sr., Blanche DODGE (unknown relationship)
Front Row, Left to Right:
Nellie INGLIS, Jessie INGLIS, Mary INGLIS.

Children of William INGLIS and Elizabeth MURRAY:

i.  Agnes INGLIS, who was born about 25 December 1853 at Rosebank.  Agnes died on 07 June 1855 at Salenside.

ii.  Agnes INGLIS, who was born on 03 January 1856 at Salenside.

iii.  William INGLIS, Jr., who was born on 09 October 1858 in Wisconsin.  William was a Farmer and worked with his father on the Fond du Lac County farm.  William INGLIS, Jr. died on 03 May 1917 and is buried in the Brandon Cemetery.

iv.  Jessie INGLIS, the fourth child of William INGLES and Elizabeth MURRAY, was born on 07 March of 1863 in Wisconsin.  Jessie worked as a Nurse and apparently never married.  Jessie died on 12 August 1940 and is buried in the Brandon Cemetery.

vi.  Mary INGLIS, who was born on 05 May 1866 in Brandon.

vii.  Nellie INGLIS, who was born in September of 1869 in Wisconsin.  On 30 September 1903, Nellie married Alexander Turner WHITTON in Fond du Lac County.  This couple worked the General Store in Brandon, Wisconsin.  Nellie Inglis WHITTON died in 1955 and Alexander Turner WHITTON died in 1962.

viii.  Margaret INGLIS, who was born on 29 July of 1872 in Wisconsin.  Margaret married John L. SCOTT on 10 February 1901 in Fond du Lac County.  John was born in 1859 in Canada and worked as a Farmer in Metomen Township, Fond du Lac County.  Later in his life, John L. SCOTT worked as a Laborer in a Canning Company in Brandon.  John SCOTT died in 1950 and Margaret Inglis SCOTT died in December of 1972 in Waupun, Dodge County, Wisconsin.

Children of John SCOTT and Margaret INGLIS:

a.  Anna SCOTT, who was born in about 1902 in Wisconsin.

b.  Hattie Mae SCOTT, who was born in about 1903 in Wisconsin.

c.  William Inglis SCOTT, who was born in about 1906 in Wisconsin.

d.  Margaret A. SCOTT, who was born in about 1911 in Wisconsin.  Margaret married George R. BERG who was born about 1903 and died in 1950.  George R. BERG is buried in the Brandon Cemetery.

Inglis Sisters about 1920
Inglis Sisters @1920
Top Row, Left to Right:
Mary INGLIS, Nellie INGLIS, Margaret INGLIS
Bottom Row, Left to Right: