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Stevenson in Peebles


Christian WALLACE and Alexander STEVENSON

Christian WALLACE was born 9 February 1707 in Drumelzier.  She was the daughter of Rev. John WALLACE and Christian MURRAY.  On 07 April 1738, Christian WALLACE married Alexander STEVENSON who at that time was a tenant of Stanhope.  Alexander STEVENSON was born about 1677 and in 1739 was known as tenant in Dreva when he purchased Smithfield from David PLENDERLEITH of Blythe.  Smithfield is strikingly situated on the face of the hill which overlooks Peebles.  Alexander STEVENSON died in Peebles on 20 July 1763 and is buried in the Dawyck Cemetery in Peeblesshire.

Children of Alexander STEVENSON and Christian WALLACE:

i.  Christian STEVENSON who was born about 14 February 1739 and died 15 July 1799 in Peebles.

ii.  Alexander STEVENSON, who was born about 13 June 1740 in Peebles and died young.

iii.  Alexander STEVENSON who was born about 10 August 1741 in Peebles.  Alexander was bred to the bar and was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates on 24 July 1764.  He succeeded as heir of Smithfield in 1767 and served as Sheriff of Peeblesshire.  About 1782, Alexander STEVENSON, Advocate built a new mansion in place of the old Smithfield house and renamed the property Venlaw. (see photo at right)  Alexander died in Peebles on 18 December 1788 and his sisters, Christian and Agnes, inherited Venlaw.

iv.  Agnes STEVENSON, who was born about 10 August 1741 and died 30 August 1804 in Peebles.

v.  John STEVENSON, who was born about 25 July 1743 and died 24 March 1744 in Peebles.