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Murrays in the Theatre

Covent Garden

Charles MURRAY, Actor

Charles MURRAY was born about 1754 at Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire, England.  He was the son of John MURRAY and Dorothy WEBB.  Charles MURRAY was the youngster that was introduced to Prince Charles Stuart in 1763 and remembers his father telling him, "Son, you have seen your King."

Charles MURRAY received a medical education in France and was even apprenticed to a surgeon after his return to London.  However it was life on the stage he preferred and by April of 1775 he had left the medical profession to make his acting debut at York using the assumed name of Raymur

Charles was soon performing at many provincial towns and was reportedly a great favorite at Norwich and Bath.  In 1796, he was apparently memorable at Covent Garden, playing the part of Shylock.

In October 1796, Farley's Bristol Journal described him as: "just and exemplary in all his dealings: his demeanor in private life is truly commendable, and his conduct behind the scenes secure him the affection of every individual - Of all the men who have so long been held in public admiration, Charles MURRAY is the most humble, being destitute of every particle of pride, vanity, and affectation."

Later in his life, Charles authored two dramatic pieces, THE NEW MAID OF THE OAKS and THE EXPERIMENT.

The photo at right, is an engraving by Chapman and is from the Harvard Theatre Collection.

The name of Charles MURRAY's first wife is unknown.  It is believed they had at least one child together before she died in 1780.  Charles MURRAY then had a relationship with actress Anne ACRES.  The may (or may not) have been married in the early 1780's.  Later in his life, Charles Murray was married for a third time to a Deborah whose last name is unknown.  Charles MURRAY died in Edinburgh on 08 November 1821.  Deborah MURRAY died on 19 February 1834 in Bathgate, West Lothian.

Children of Charles MURRAY and his first wife:

i.  a son (first name unknown).  He was referred to as the Eldest Son of Charles Murray of Covent Garden when he died about September 1801 in Suriname, South Africa.

Children of Charles MURRAY and Ann ACRES:

iii.  Maria MURRAY, who was born in the early 1780's.

iii.  Harriet MURRAY, who was born 16 April 1783.

iv.  William Henry Wood MURRAY, who was born 26 August 1790.