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Murray of Cardon

Cardon Baronets


Adam MURRAY of Cardon

Cardon Farm House in Glenholm Peeblesshire
Cardon Farm House Glenholm Peeblesshire

Adam MURRAY, the son of John MURRAY and Jonet HOWIESON, was born about 23 April 1620 in Edinburgh. Adam became the progenitor of the MURRAYs of Cardon (see Cardon House at right) which is in the Glenholm Parish, of Peeblesshire.  Adam married Jean FLEMING about 24 January 1645.  Jean was the daughter of Malcolm FLEMING and Helen BRUCE and the 3rd Great-Grand daughter of King James the IV of Scotland.  Adam MURRAY died about 1669 at Cardon.

Children of Adam MURRAY and Jean FLEMING:

i.  Helen MURRAY, was born about 1646.  She married Alexander BERTRAM who was born about 1651 and died 20 March 1729 at Nisbet in the Coulter Parish of Lanarkshire.  Helen MURRAY died about 1694, at Nisbet.

ii.  John MURRAY, d. 25 Mar 1679.

iii.  William MURRAY, d. about Apr 1686.

iv.  James MURRAY, apprenticed to Patrick HEPBURNE, Edinburgh merchant, on 23 February 1676.

v.  Lilias MURRAY

vi.  Margaret MURRAY, d. 21 Nov 1694.

vii.  Jane MURRAY.


William MURRAY of Cardon

Dawick House, Peeblesshire
Dawick House, Peeblesshire

William MURRAY, a son of Adam MURRAY and Jean FLEMING,  married Christian VEITCH 09 April 1675, She was the daughter of John VEITCH, of Dawick (or Dawyck) (see photo of Dawick at left) and Christian NAESMYTH.

William MURRAY was apprenticed to James DICKSON, Edinburgh merchant, on 29 December 1676.  William MURRAY died around April of 1686, Christian Veitch died 09 December 1709 in Edinburgh.

Children of William MURRAY and Christian VEITCH:

i.  Adam MURRAY, born about 1676.

ii.  Christian MURRAY, born about 1676.

iii.  William MURRAY, writer in Edinburgh.

iv.  Agnes MURRAY, died 07 February 1755 in Edinburgh.


Margaret Murray EDGAR

Margaret MURRAY, a daughter of Adam MURRAY and Jean FLEMING, married Thomas EDGAR, Apothecary Burgess of Edinburgh, on 09 September 1685.  Thomas EDGAR was born about 1644, and died 08 April 1703 in Edinburgh.  Margaret MURRAY died 21 November 1694 in Edinburgh and was buried at Greyfriars Cemetery.

Children of Margaret MURRAY and Thomas EDGAR:

i.  Jean EDGAR, born about 02 December 1687, died 02 December 1695 in Edinburgh, and was buried in Greyfriars Cemetery.

ii.  Marie EDGAR, born about 08 July 1690.

iii.  John EDGAR, Advocate born 11 August 1691 in Edinburgh and died 09 September 1744, Edinburgh.


Adam Murray of Cardon

Adam MURRAY, son of William MURRAY and Christian VEITCH, was born about 1676.  He married Janet MENZIES on 13 September 1697.  She was the eldest daughter of Alexander MENZIES, of Coulterallers.  Adam died about 1755.

Children of Adam MURRAY and Janet MENZIES:

i.  William MURRAY

ii.  Alexander MURRAY

iii.  Malcolm MURRAY, born about 07 January 1705, in the Coulter Parish, Lanarkshire.

iv.  Jean MURRAY, born about 23 November 1705, in the Coulter Parish and died 9 September 1707, in the Coulter Parish.

v.  Agnes MURRAY, born about 06 April 1707, in the Coulter Parish.


Christian Murray WALLACE

Christian MURRAY, daughter of William MURRAY and Christian VEITCH, was born about 1676.  She married Rev. John WALLACE on 05 March 1706 in Edinburgh.  He was born about 1674, and became the minister of the Drumelzier Parish in Peeblesshire.  He died 03 June 1733.  Christian Murray WALLACE died 18 November 1755 in Drumelzier.  Her son, Rev. William WALLACE sent notification of the death of Christian Murray WALLACE to his brother, John WALLACE in 1755.  Click here to read that letter.

Children of Christian MURRAY and John WALLACE:

i.  Christian WALLACE, born about 09 February 1707 in Drumelzier Parish.

ii.  William WALLACE, born about 02 May 1708 in Drumelzier.  He was also a minister of the Drumelzier Parish.  He died on 04 July 1786 in Drumelzier.

iii.  Helen WALLACE, born about 09 July 1710 in Drumelzier and died in 1728.

iv.  Archbald WALLACE, born about in 13 March 1712 Drumelzier and died 27 Jul 1712.

v.  Andrew WALLACE, born about 21 August 1713 in Drumelzier.

vi.  Agnes WALLACE, born about 27 February 1715 in Drumelzier.

vii.  John WALLACE, baptized on 07 January 1718 Drumelzier.  He died on 26 September 1783 on the Hope Farm, Somerset Co, New Jersey, USA.