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Murrays in Edinburgh

Duff Street

Andrew Murray, Edinburgh Tailor

Andrew MURRAY was born on 30 April 1861 at 18/20 Island Street in Galashiels.  He was a son of James K. MURRAY and Elizabeth LESLIE.  Andrew apprenticed as a Tailor and by the age of 20 was a Journeyman Tailor.

On 02 December 1887, Andrew married Barbara JOHNSTONE at the home of his parents in Galashiels.  (See photo at right of Andrew and Barbara which appears here with the special permission of Irene THOROGOOD, a descendant of Andrew and Barbara.)  Barbara was born about 1860 in Galashiels and was the daughter of Margaret JOHNSTONE.

In the late 1880's, Andrew and Barbara moved to Edinburgh.

In the early 1890's, Andrew and Barbara Johnstone MURRAY were living at 8 Prospect Terrace in Edinburgh.  Late in 1891, Andrew and Barbara had moved to 28 Duff Street in Edinburgh where they raised a family and lived the rest of their lives.  (The buildings on Duff street were demolished to make way for new ones several years ago.)

Andrew tailored for the fashion stores on Princess Street in Edinburgh.  (See photo at left of the actual Tailoring Iron with which Andrew made his living.)  For many years he also tailored suits for the surgeons and doctors at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.  Andrew died on 12 May 1927 at the Duff Street residence.

Barbara Johnstone MURRAY died on 03 May 1941 at Merchiston Grove in Edinburgh.  Andrew and Barbara are buried in the North Merchiston Cemetery in Edinburgh.

Children of Andrew MURRAY and Barbara JOHNSTONE:

i.  Margaret Johnstone MURRAY, who was born on 14 February 1890 at 8 Prospect Terrace in Edinburgh.

ii.  James MURRAY, who was born on 03 December 1891 at 28 Duff Street in Edinburgh.

iii.  Elizabeth Leslie MURRAY, who was born on 02 November 1893 at 28 Duff Street in Edinburgh.  Elizabeth died 11 August 1894 at Duff Street.

iv.  Barbara Johnstone MURRAY, who was born on 14 October 1895 at Duff Street, Edinburgh.

v.  Andrew Leslie MURRAY, who was born on 06 October 1897 at Duff Street.

v.  Agnes (Tory) Haldane MURRAY, who was born on 31 January 1900 at Duff Street.

v.  David Haldane MURRAY, who was born on 26 April 1903 at Duff Street.