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Murrays in California

Tulare County

Allan Murray Carpenter in Porterville

Allan MURRAY was born on 05 June 1874 at 18/20 Island Street in Galashiels.  He was a son of James K. MURRAY and Elizabeth LESLIE.  In about 1887, Allan apprenticed with Behvenj and Hall Builders in Galashiels.  By 1891, he was an apprentice Joiner.  Allan graduated from Behvenj and Hall in October of 1892.

In the early 1890's, Allan was introduced to Jessie SANDERSON, the fair young daughter of George SANDERSON and Elizabeth MCBAIN.  Jessie, who was born on 22 June 1873 at Hawkburn near Galashiels, must have made an astonishing impression on Allan MURRAY.  The events that follow clearly demonstrate the intensity of that meeting.

In May of 1893, a pendulous Allan boarded THE GRECIAN with his mother and siblings and sailed 3200 miles from Jessie SANDERSON to America.  After arriving in New York on 08 May 1893, the excited MURRAY family and the probably woeful Allan then proceeded another 2500 miles west in order to join their father in Porterville, California.

We can imagine that Allan tried desperately to adjust to life half a world away from Jessie and he no doubt threw himself into a routine of long work days.  What a noble attempt it was.  For a half dozen years, the skilled carpenter was no doubt as occupied as any man could be.  The industrious Allan had everything he wanted . . . except Jessie SANDERSON.

So in late 1899, Allan returned to Scotland where he and Jessie were married in Edinburgh on 23 April 1900.  The newlyweds soon returned to California where the couple bought a 40 acre ranch and raised a faimly.  Allan MURRAY died a happy man on 12 December 1933 in Porterville, Tulare County, California.  Jessie Sanderson MURRAY died on 24 September 1958 in Porterville.

Children of Allan MURRAY and Jessie SANDERSON:

i.  James Allan MURRAY, who was born on 13 September 1901 in Porterville, Tulare County, California.

ii.  George Sanderson MURRAY, who was born on 24 September 1903 in Porterville.