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Tweedsmuir Murrays


Alexander Murray Tweedsmuir Area Shepherd

Alexander MURRAY was born 27 July 1803 at the Coulterallers Farm in the Coulter Parish of Lanarkshire.  Alexander was a son of Robert MURRAY and Annie HALLIDAY.

Alexander worked as a shepherd at many different locations in the Upper Clyde Valley.  In the early 1820's Alexander was living and working at Loanhead just northeast of Lamington where his mother Annie HALLIDAY was living with her second husband John BARCLAY.  While at Loanhead, he had a relationship with Elizabeth MARCHBANK which resulted in the 07 February 1824 birth of their son Alexander MURRAY.

By 1833, Alexander MURRAY the shepherd was working and living at Shuttlefield.  His mother and step-father were also living at Shuttlefield at this time.  In the early 1840's, Alexander was living in the Wiston Parish and on 28 August 1843 Alexander married Mary FLETCHER at Hartside Toll in the Wandell and Lamington Parish of Lanarkshire.  Mary was born about 1810 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire.  Alexander and Mary Fletcher MURRAY raised as family as Alexander worked as a shepherd at various locations in the Tweedsmuir Area of Peeblesshire.

Alexander retired to Harburn East Lodge in the Mid Calder Parish of Midlothian where he died on 06 May 1882.  Mary Fletcher MURRAY died on 07 November 1904 in Kingledores Hopehead, in the Tweedsmuir Parish.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Mary FLETCHER:

i.  Janet MURRAY who was born about 1845 in the West Linton Parish of Peeblesshire.

ii.  James MURRAY, who was born about 1848 in the Manor Parish.

iii.  Robert James MURRAY, was also born about 1848 in the Manor Parish.  In 1871 Robert was working as a shepherd and living at Fruid in the Tweedsmuir Parish.  In 1881, he was living at Megget Head Farm in the Megget Parish of Tweedsmuir.  He died 19 March 1918 and is buried at the Coulter Churchyard.

iv.  Thomas MURRAY who was born about 27 April 1850 at Glencraigie in the Tweedsmuir Parish.

v.  John MURRAY who was born about 2 October 1853 at Glencraigie.  Like his older brother Robert, John was a shepherd and took over for his brother at Fruid, working for the CARRUTHERS family.  In 1882 John married Marion DUNN in Moffat.  Marion was born about 1857 and she was the daughter of William DUNN and Jean SHARPE.  In 1891, John and Marion were living at Hopecarton in the Drumelzier Parish of Peeblesshire.  In 1901, John and Marion MURRAY had moved to the Johnstone Parish of Dumfriesshire where John was the shepherd for the Raehills Farm.  Eventually John's occupation led the couple to Roxburghshire where John worked at the Old Melrose Dairy in Ravenswood.  John MURRAY died at Ravenswood on 28 March 1938 and Marion Dunn MURRAY died there on 12 August 1939.