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Murrays in Midlothian


Alexander Murray sometime farmer in Muirhouse

Alexander MURRAY was born 11 June 1792 in Flemington Mill in the Newlands Parish of Peeblesshire.  He was the youngest child of James MURRAY and Elizabeth GIBSON.  Early in his adult life, Alexander was a farmer at Muirhouse in the Cramond Parish of Midlothian.

On 05 February 1819, Alexander MURRAY married Janet MOFFAT in Edinburgh.  Janet was born 04 December 1801 and was the daughter of Thomas MOFFAT and Violet Janet TWEEDIE.  Alexander and Janet raised a family while residing in Edinburgh east of Brown Square at Number 22 of the old houses once known collectively as Society.

Society (see engraving at right, click on image for larger view) was a block of old buildings immediately south of Brown Square with open ground sloping down to the Cowgate.  The buildings were eventually demolished to make way for Chambers Street.  The engraving was published in 1890 in "Old and New Edinburgh" and was done from an earlier drawing by George W. Simson.  The information and the engraving appear here courtesy of the EdinPhoto, The History of Photography in Edinburgh web site and should not be reproduced without the special permission of Mr. Peter Stubbs, e-mail: peter.stubbs[at]bigfoot.com.

Alexander MURRAY died on 14 July 1845 in Edinburgh and Janet Moffat MURRAY died on 11 June 1847 in Edinburgh.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Janet MOFFAT:

i.  James MURRAY, who was born about 23 October 1820 in Edinburgh.

ii.  Thomas Moffat MURRAY, who was born about 27 July 1822 in Edinburgh.  Thomas, who was curiously also known as Neil MacKenzie MURRAY, was a Captain in the 3rd Battalion of the Imperial Chinese Army.  Thomas died on 23 February 1863 in China.

iii.  Alexander MURRAY, who was born about 22 January 1824 in Edinburgh.

iv.  William MURRAY, who was born about 29 May 1827 in Edinburgh.

iv.  John MURRAY, who was born about 05 April 1835 in Cramond, Midlothian.