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Borders Area Murrays

Lanarkshire and Peeblesshire

Alexander Murray Labourer and Shepherd

Alexander MURRAY was born on 07 February 1824 in Lamington, Lanarkshire.  He was a son of Alexander MURRAY and Elizabeth MARCHBANK.  On 07 July 1845, Alexander married Isabella Murray in Lamington.  She was born about 1823 in the Drumelzier Parish of Peeblesshire and was the daughter of Peter MURRAY and Catherine STEDMAN.  It has long been suspected (but not yet proven) that Peter MURRAY is related to the Tweedsmuir MURRAYs on the Hearthstane Farm.  Indeed Peter's parents, John MURRAY (1777-1861) and Isobel JACKSON (1775-1838) were living at Wester Hearthstanes in the late 1830s.

The subject of this Web Page, Alexander MURRAY, worked as a Ploughman, Agricultural Labourer, and/or Farm Steward and he and his wife Isabella MURRAY lived and worked at many farms in the Lanarkshire and Peeblesshire areas.

Children of Alexander and Isabella MURRAY:

i.  Alexander MURRAY, who was born about 1846 in Lamington.

ii.  Peter MURRAY, who was born about 1848 in the Walston Parish of Lanarkshire.

iii.  Thomas MURRAY, who was born on 23 November 1851 at the Mitchell Hill farm in the Kilbucho Parish of Peeblesshire.

iv.  William MURRAY, who was born on 17 August 1853 at the Mitchell Hill farm.

v.  James Watson MURRAY, who was born 25 May 1859 at Mitchell Hill.  James worked as a Road Surfaceman in the Peeblesshire area.  James married Christian Brown and shortly after the marriage James came down with Typhoid fever.  James died of the disease on 02 April 1881 at Sheriffmuir in the Stobo parish in Peeblesshire.

vi.  David Porteous MURRAY, who was born on 01 March 1861 at Mitchell Hill.

Isabella MURRAY died 15 December 1862 at one of the farm houses serving the Eastend Mansion in the Carmichael Parish of Lanarkshire.  Sometime after, widower Alexander MURRAY and sons moved to Cardrona Mains in the Traquair Parish of Peeblesshire where Alexander continued working as a Farm Steward.  Alexander hired Agnes LAMB to handle the domestic duties for himself and his young sons.  Agnes LAMB was born on 20 May 1849 in Carnwath, Lanarkshire and she was a daughter of Thomas LAMB and Janet ORR.

On 21 December 1869, Alexander MURRAY and Agnes LAMB were married.  Alexander and Agnes added eight children to Alexander's original family of six.  Agnes presented Alexander with their last child when Alexander was nearly 64 years old!  No doubt admiring Alexander's prolific contribution to the MURRAY Family Tree, the Lord, perhaps prematurely, received Alexander on 08 August 1888 near Fauldhouse in Lanarkshire.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Agnes LAMB:

vii.  Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born on 02 December 1869 at Cardrona.

viii.  John MURRAY, who was born on 01 May 1871 at Cardrona.  John was a Coal Miner and he and his wife Lizzie lived at 44 Muirhead Row in the Shotts District of Lanarkshire.  John and Lizzie MURRAY had a daughter named Janet who was born about 1900 in Springbank, Lanarkshire.

ix.  Robert MURRAY, who was born about 26 May 1873 at Cardrona.  Robert worked as a Coal Miner and once lived at 25 Coal Row in Shotts.  On 31 December 1896, Robert married Mary Ann MCLEARY in the Eastern District of Shotts.  Robert and Mary Ann lived in West Benhar and had at least two children.  Mary Redment MURRAY was born on 07 October 1897 and Agnes Lamb MURRAY was born on 03 August 1900.

x.  Adam Lamb MURRAY, who was born on 03 September 1875 at Cardrona.

xi.  Janet Lamb MURRAY, who was born on 08 April 1878 in the Lyne Parish of Peeblesshire.  Janet worked as a Domestic Servant and was working in the Mayfield District of Edinburgh at the beginning of the 20th century.

xii.  Margaret Watson MURRAY, who was born on 08 April 1880 at the White Hill Cottage in the St. Boswells Parish of Roxburghshire.

xiii.  Jemima Allan MURRAY, who was born on 27 April 1885 at No. 1 Pitt, West Benhar, Lanarkshire.  Like her older sister Janet, Jemima worked as a Domestic Servant in the Mayfield District of Edinburgh.

xiv.  Agnes MURRAY, who was born about 1888 at West Benhar.