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Penicuik Areas Murray

Farm Steward

Alexander Murray Farm Steward

Alexander MURRAY was born about 1846 in the Lamington Parish of Lanarkshire.  He was a son of Alexander and Isabella MURRAY.  On 09 June 1865, Alexander married Helen LAMB at Newbigging in the Carnwath Parish of Lanarkshire.  She was born about 06 January 1841 in Carnwath and was a daughter of Thomas LAMB and Janet ORR.  Alexander MURRAY worked many jobs including Ploughman, Farm Grieve, and Railway Surfaceman.  Helen Lamb MURRAY died on 31 March 1882 at Mosshouses in the Penicuik Parish of Midlothian.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Helen LAMB:

i.  Alexander MURRAY, who was born on 05 September 1865 at Kamend in the Symington Parish of Lanarkshire.

ii.  Isabella MURRAY, who was born on 09 October 1866 at Kamend.

iii.  Janet MURRAY, who was born on 07 February 1869 at Carwood in the Biggar Parish of Lanarkshire.

iv.  Helen MURRAY, who was born on 30 November 1870 at Carwood.

v.  Marion MURRAY, who was born on 05 January 1876 in Leadburn in the Newlands Parish of Peeblesshire.

vi.  Margaret MURRAY, who was born on 03 August 1879 at Newstead in the Penicuik Parish of Midlothian.

Alexander MURRAY fathered the following child in Linlithgowshire:

vii.  Minnie MURRAY, who was born about 1891 in the Armadale Parish of Linlithgowshire.

In 1896, Alexander MURRAY married Joan Aitken FALCONER in the Lasswade Parish of Midlothian.  She was born about 1853 in the Manor Parish of Peeblesshire and was the daughter of Thomas AITKEN and Betsy REED.  Joan Aitken Falconer MURRAY died on 24 December 1914 at the Howgate Farm in the Penicuik Parish.  Alexander MURRAY, died on 11 April 1919 at Wester Howgate in Penicuik.