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Murrays in Australia

Toorak, Melbourne

Alexander Murray Australian Entrepreneur

Alexander Murray in Australia
Alexander Murray

Alexander MURRAY was born 21 October 1852 in the St. Cuthbert's District of Edinburgh.  He was a son of James MURRAY and Agnes RITCHIE.  In the early 1870's, young Alexander made his way to Melbourne, Australia.  On the southwest shore of Port Phillip bay near Melbourne is the shipping village of Williamstown where Alexander married Maria Elizabeth DURLEY on 28 August 1878.  Maria was born on 22 December 1857 and was the daughter of William Henry DURLEY, Esquire of Frankston and Harriet Sarah BROOKS.

Alexander and Maria soon moved east to the Lakes Entrance district of Victoria.  Here, the newlyweds ran a coffee palace and Alexander started a very successful sawmill business.

Maria Elizabeth Durley Murray
Maria Elizabeth Durley

During the 1880's, the family lived in several towns in the Lakes Entrance area such as Lucknow and Bairnsdale.  Sometime during the 1890's, the family moved to Bendigo in central Victoria.  Here Alexander ran a hotel and also a furniture shop.  During tough economic times, Alexander also sold automobile radiators and sheep dip products.

Toorak in Melbourne

The family eventually moved to Toorak, a very trendy suburb of Melbourne.  The home of Alexander and Maria at Toorak is shown in the photograph at left and again behind the old family auto at right (click for photos for larger image).

Many thanks to Robert CASEY, great-great-grandson of Alexander and Maria MURRAY, for supplying the information and many of the photos used on this page.  Robert CASEY can be contacted at rmcasey[at]gmail.com.

Murrays in Antique Auto in front of Toorak

Alexander MURRAY died at the home in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia on 22 November 1923 and Maria Elizabeth Durley MURRAY died there on 14 May 1929.  Alexander and Maria are buried in the family plot in the Brighton Cemetery in Melbourne.  A photograph of the family headstone is at right (click on photo for larger image).  Also buried here is their daughter Emma and Maria's mother.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Maria DURLEY:

i.  James Alexander MURRAY, who was born on 29 March 1879 in Sale, Victoria.

ii.  Edith Harriett MURRAY, who was born on 15 April 1880 in Lucknow, Victoria, Australia.

iii.  Violet Agnes MURRAY, who was born on 04 October 1881 in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

iv.  Emma Elizabeth MURRAY, who was born on 13 May 1883 in Bairnsdale.

v.  Blanche Cecelia MURRAY, who was born on 13 May 1887.

vi.  Ida Lynette MURRAY, who was born 07 April 1889.

vii.  Keith Durley MURRAY, who was born on 29 July 1897 in Lockwood, Victoria.