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Murrays in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Flesher

Alexander Murray Flesher in Edinburgh

Alexander MURRAY was born 04 December 1817 at Drochil and was the son of James MURRAY and Marion TWEEDIE.  Alexander moved to Edinburgh where he became a flesher (butcher).  On 03 June 1845, he was married to Alice Wilson PEACOCK.  Alice was born about 10 September 1819 in Canongate.  She was the daughter of Andrew Peacock and Catherine Brown.  Later in his life, Alexander was employed as a Commission Agent.  Alexander MURRAY died 05 January 1859 in Edinburgh.  Alice died on 29 May 1861.

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Alice PEACOCK:

i.  James MURRAY, born about 13 July 1848 in Edinburgh.

ii.  Andrew Peacock MURRAY was born about 13 October 1850 in Edinburgh.

iii.  Catherine Alexandria MURRAY was born about 14 May 1852 in Edinburgh.