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Murray in Fruid


Alexander Murray Tenant in Coulterallers

Alexander MURRAY was born about 1741, probably at Hearthstane in the Tweedsmuir Parish of Peeblesshire.  He was the son of John MURRAY and Margaret LAIDLAW.  He married Mary LAIDLAW on 12 April 1770 in the Drumelzier Parish.  Mary was born about 01 February 1744, the daughter of Robert LAIDLAW and Elizabeth WILLIAMSON in Kingledoors.  Alexander MURRAY died 04 January 1802 at Coulterallers in the Coulter Parish of Lanarkshire and his wife Mary died 10 April 1810.

Alexander MURRAY's Disposition and Assignation (will), recorded in July of 1799, is interesting for a number of reasons:

1.  It confirms that James MURRAY, (the subject of the book THE FRUITFUL SHEPHERD) was the natural son of Alexander's brother, James MURRAY, tenant in Hearthstane.

2.  It reveals Alexander's confidence in his youngest son, John, who at the young age of 17 had earned the heritages usually reserved for the eldest son.  Alexander, indeed, gave most of his goods and property to young John and made young John responsible for supporting his mother and sisters in the event of Alexander's demise.

3.  It reveals Alexander's unabashed attempt to control his eldest surviving son's life . . . even from the grave.  A codicil to the document, added in August of 1799, completely disinherited his eldest son, Robert, to all goods and property should he ever marry one Catron (Catharine) ANDERSON.  Robert, later married another woman!

Children of Alexander MURRAY and Mary LAIDLAW:

i. Elizabeth MURRAY was born about 25 March 1771.  She married John STEVENSON on 07 March 1795 in the Eddlestone Parish of Peeblesshire.  John was born about 1765 and died 23 September 1809 at Bogend.  Elizabeth died 27 December 1817 at Cloich in the Eddlestone Parish.

Children of John STEVENSON and Elizabeth MURRAY:

1.  Mary STEVENSON who was born on 28 February 1796 at Cloich.

2.  Margaret STEVENSON who was born on 21 July 1799 at Cloich.

3.  John STEVENSON who was born about 1806 and died 22 May 1811 at Bogend.

ii.  John MURRAY who was born about 10 December 1772 and died 06 August 1781 at Coulterallers.

iii.  Margaret MURRAY who was born about 06 February 1775 and died 07 February 1780 at Coulterallers.

iv.  Robert MURRAY who was born about 26 June 1777.

v.  Mary MURRAY who was born about 13 August 1779 at Coulterallers.

vi.  John MURRAY who was born about 28 January 1782.

vii.  Margaret MURRAY who was born about 06 June 1783.

viii.  Alexander MURRAY who was born about 04 March 1788 and died 14 July 1792 at Coulterallers.