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Murray of Stanhope

7th Baronet

Sir John MURRAY of Broughton
His Family

Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms
Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms

Sir John MURRAY, of Broughton, also known as Secretary to Prince Charles, was the son of Sir David MURRAY and Margaret SCOTT.  He was born about 1715 and by 1732 was enrolled in the University of Edinburgh.  In 1735, he was studying at the University of Leyden in the Netherlands.  Two years later, John MURRAY was in living Rome. 

Sometime late in 1738 John MURRAY returned to Scotland and married the lovely Margaret FERGUSSON, the daughter of Col. Robert FERGUSSON and niece of William FERGUSSON of Cailloch, in Nithsdale.  Margaret is fondly remembered as the Beautiful Recruiting Sergeant.

Children of Sir John MURRAY, of Broughton and Margaret FERGUSSON:

i. Lt. Sir David MURRAY, who succeeded his father to Stanhope.

ii. Fergusson MURRAY, born about 1742 and died 03 Nov 1743 in the Canongate Parish of Edinburgh.

iii. Sir Robert MURRAY, who succeeded his brother to Stanhope.

iv. Thomas MURRAY, of the 48th Regiment; he married first Miss SKYNNER and secondly in 1787 Mrs. HOPKINS.  Mrs. Hopkins was a widow of the Chamberlain of the City of London.  (From THE MURRAYS OF ROMANNO, BROUGHTON AND STANHOPE, by J. Balfour Paul).

v. Charles MURRAY was born 25 September 1746 and died a few days later.

Margaret left Sir John sometime after the '45 and it was alleged that she was unfaithful to him.  "There is a tradition in the MURRAY family that she became the Prince's mistress.  There is not only not a particle of evidence for this but the story is inherently improbable."  (From MURRAY MEMORIALS, by Robert Fitzroy Bell, 1898)

Sir John MURRAY, of Broughton then had a relationship (marriage?) with a schoolgirl named Dorothy Webb.  Miss Webb, a young quakeress eloped from boarding school with MURRAY.  She is reported to have been a lady of great personal charm and was recognized and lived in Scotland for some years as Lady MURRAY.

Children of Sir John MURRAY, of Broughton, and Dorothy WEBB:

vi. Charles MURRAY, born about 1754 at Cheshunt, Hertfordshire.

vii. Harriet MURRAY who was born about 1757.  Harriet married Joshua PICKERSGILL.  Information on their descendants can be found at the De Mornay Davies and Denniss families' web site.  Harriet Murray PICKERSGILL died in August of 1842 in Kensington and was buried on 09 August 1842 in the St. Marylebone Cemetery.

Child of Sir John MURRAY, of Broughton, and unknown mother:

viii. Margaret MURRAY who was born sometime after 1757.

John MURRAY of Broughton died at Cheshunt, Hertfordshire on 6 December 1777 and was buried at the old St. Marylebone Cemetery northwest of London on 10 December 1777.

Margaret Fergusson MURRAY died near London in early September of 1779.  She was buried in the St. Marylebone Cemetery on 10 September 1779.