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Murray of Stanhope

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Sir David MURRAY of Stanhope

Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms
Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms

Sir David MURRAY, the son of Wine Merchant David MURRAY and Frances MACCLESFIELD, was born about 1725.

Sir David took part in the rebellion of 1745, and was a Captain of horse in the Prince's army. He was taken prisoner at York and sentenced to death, but obtained a pardon on condition of his leaving the country. His estates were forfeited and he died abroad in exile in 1770. His uncle Charles then assumed the title, but also died in that year. It is said that Charles's son, David, then took the title, but he died at Leghorn in October of the same year (1770). The succession then fell to another uncle, John Murray of Broughton. (From A HISTORY OF PEEBLESSHIRE by James Walter Buchan, c1925-7 vol III pg 450.)