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Murray of Stanhope

11th Baronet

Sir John MURRAY of Stanhope

Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms
Murray of Stanhope Coat of Arms

Sir John MURRAY, second son of Sir Robert Murray and Emily PICKMORE, was born about 16 Dec 1782, in Fulham, London, England.   He was a member of the 46th Regiment of Foot in 1801 and the 91st Regiment of Foot in 1805.

On 17 Oct 1801, Sir John MURRAY married Catherine CALLANDER, daughter of Adam CALLANDER.  She died 23 Dec 1830. 

Sir John MURRAY married secondly, Dona Maria VIOLANTE.  She was born in Abrantes, Portugal, and died 04 May 1871 in Fcamp, on the Northern Coast of France.   She had no issue by Sir John Murray.

Sir John MURRAY died on 23 August 1848, also at Fcamp in Normandy, France.

Children of Sir John MURRAY and Catherine CALLANDER:

i. Robert MURRAY, died young.

ii. Wellington MURRAY, died young in Lisbon, Portugal.

iii. Catherine Emily MURRAY who was born about 20 Jun 1802 and baptized on 1 August 1803 in St. Marylebone, Westminster, London.  On 1 May 1827 she married Edwin Samuel Hervey HOWELL.  He was born 21 Feb 1806 and was the son of Samuel Hervey HOWELL of Monmouthshire, Wales. Catherine died 21 Apr 1859 in London.

Children of Catherine Emily MURRAY and Edwin HOWELL:

1.  Murray Howell MURRAY.

2.  Frances Kate MURRAY who was born 9 Jan 1841.  On 21 Aug 1867 she married Charles Augustus HOWELL who was born 10 Mar 1839.  Chares Augustus HOWELL died on 24 April 1890 at the Home Hospital at 16 Fitzroy Square in Middlesex County.

Child of Charles HOWELL and Frances MURRAY:

a.) Rosalind Blanche Catherine Callander de Montserate HOWELL who was born 20 Mar 1877.   She married Albert Gaylard HART and they had a daughter:

Rosalind Edna HART who was born 19 April 1908.
Rosalind married Herbert Sydney BARKER who was born 30 May 1908 and died in 1971.  Rosalind died in 1988.

iv.  John Francis MURRAY who was born on 24 May 1803 and baptized on 1 August 1803 in St. Marylebone, Westminster, London.  In October of 1824 he married Elizabeth FLETCHER daughter of James FLETCHER.  John Francis MURRAY died without issue about 13 July 1826 apparently at Bruges in Belgium.

v.  Elizabeth MURRAY, the fifth child of Sir John MURRAY and Catherine CALLANDER, died in infancy.

vi.  Frances Caroline MURRAY, who was born on 23 October 1806.  Frances was baptized on 5 March 1807 in St. Marylebone, Westminster, London.